Birth story...

Jag kopierar det jag redan har skrivit på en sajt som heter mumsnet, där har jag chattat jättemycket i flera månader med andra mammor som också skulle föda barn i mars, det har varit kul att dela upplevelser med andra i samma situation.

My birth story: I had contractions during the night but then they died off in the morning. Went for a walk and felt really frustrated at lunch time. Would never have believed it if someone had told me I'd be holding my baby 8 hours later! Then contractions started again in the afternoon, regularish, first 10 mins then 5-8 mins apart. We did not want to go to hospital too early as in my first labour I got sent home twice and it was so annoying. But then about 6-ish they started to get really painful and more frequent, not sure of exact timings but probably about every 3-5 mins. I managed to eat some dinner and we made arrangements for our daughter to go over to the neighbours. Finally just before 7.30 after much faffing around, I said to my husband "I really think we should go to hospital NOW because I need some gas & air!" (lustgas). Car journey was a nightmare, 30 mins drive, all of a sudden the contractions seemed to come like all the time and I felt a pressure building up down below. Very painful by then but I wasn't screaming as I didn't wanna scare my husband while driving. We got stuck behind a truck for a while but luckily it turned. When we were about 10 mins from hospital I put my hand inside my pants and I could feel the head up there somewhere! We stopped outside the entrance and I collapsed on the ground writhing in pain, then 2 women got me into a wheelchair and started pushing me towards the labour ward while my husband had to park the car. I got there and said "Hi, I think I need to PUSH!" I lay down on the bed and they told me to take my shoes and trousers off which I was not able to do so they did it for me. Then another contraction came and I managed to say very politely "can I have some gas & air please". It was bliss! They were going to examine me but there was no need as the waters broke and the head was already visible. I realised my husband was not there so I crossed my legs and said "where's my husband?!". Then luckily he turned up, just in time to see the head crowning. It didn't even hurt that much then and I only pushed a tiny bit, and out came our new baby girl like a textbook delivery. She was crying and given straight to me, I could not believe my baby had arrived so soon and smoothly, I was very happy but also in shock. What if I had given birth in the car?! Doesn't bear thinking about. According to the notes I was admitted at 19.55 and gave birth at 20.00. A few minor grazes and a 1st degree tear but no stitches. We were left to have lots of cuddly time all by ourselves. Then I had a bath and my husband left after a couple of hours. I was taken to a post natal ward and couldn't sleep all night as I was too happy. Went home the next day late afternoon after having to wait for ages for some stupid blood results, in the end I ended up discharging myself against medical advice, they phoned me later to say all was ok, no need for anti-D as baby is Rh- as well as me. The only good thing with having to stay so long was that we ran into the doctor who had delivered our first daughter 2 years earlier with ventouse, he did a great job with that. He seemed a bit touched to see her and all so that was nice. Now we are settling into life with 2 kids, going well so far. The baby is very good and hardly ever cries! (touch wood)

Postat av: CC

puhhh...och du som sa att bebisar aldrig föds som på film ;) dramatiskt for sure

2010-03-22 @ 12:24:20
Postat av: Emma

Blir tårögd av att läsa detta, jag är så blödig :)

2010-03-22 @ 18:23:12

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